Understanding the way your customer thinks. Oh my, the gazillions of dollars and countless hours that are currently being spent trying to figure that out. Data analytics, artificial intelligence, old school web cookies, and perhaps even spy satellites are being used trying to solve for the customer.

In efforts to develop solutions we tend to overreach or terribly overcomplicate things, which leads to us missing the most obvious of answers. I see this almost every day in my profession. In these cases, what you end up with are solutions that are so complex that they don’t work – but you feel “really good” about them at the time. We would be better served by seeking the simplest answer.  Experts tell us that isn’t the right way though, only through countless hours of research, observation and data analysis can one create a true solution.  Simplicity is elegance and clarity wrapped into one package and it’s easily digestible – sounds like a pretty good solution to me.

I found a good example of simplicity today targeted at clothing customers. Not a lot of bells and whistles, no fancy video or gamification, just a great and simple way to speak to a customer.  Ask yourself a question – when you buy clothes how do you shop?  The simple answer for most is by size. No matter how much you love something, if it’s not in your size you are not going to buy it. There is nothing more frustrating that seeing an item you like only to find they don’t have it in your size, whether on the rack or at an online store. It seems Eddie Bauer figured this out and created a simple solution. By simply clicking on your size you immediately see what they have on sale for you – brilliant. Even if you DON’T buy something you are left with the appreciation that your experience was easy, understandable and tailored to you. Simple, clear and elegant. Well done Eddie….


Written by robfrazzini