Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler: ‘We’re here to empower people to take over the mainstream’

As Hollywood descended on the south of France on a mild spring day in 2015 for the annual Cannes Film Festival, seasoned directors Brad Bird and Cameron Crowe were hoping to steal the show with the release of their latest blockbusters Tomorrowland and Aloha respectively.

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I found this article very interesting but also believe that @YanceyStrickler and Kickstarter is reflecting something much bigger.  


To me the real change that is coming could be compared to The Wizard of Oz movie.  In the movie classic you will recall that Dorthy and her pals eventually find the Wizard behind the curtain and the whole charade is revealed,  Technology and new business models are allowing everyday people to peek behind the curtain and when they do, they realize that they have been taken on their own magical journey by the people selling and creating the wares they have sought.  As there eyes are opened they realize that a lot of what they have been paying for is merely a charade designed to enrich the pockets of the supply chain, not provide value they are promised in the marketing ads.



Written by robfrazzini