Musk wants ‘boring company’ to disrupt infrastructure business – LeftLaneNews

Tesla chief Elon Musk has shed a bit more light on his plans to disrupt the tunneling business.Referred to jokingly as The Boring Company, the business does not have any full-time employees yet but will eventually be launched as an independent compan

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I recall a conversation with a CEO I had years back.  His advice was to look for white space in the market for new business ideas. His point was you don’t need invent the next shinny object to be successful.  Tunneling is certainly not sexy and I doubt the people on Sandhill Lane have received many pitches about a new way of tunneling. The lesson here is how to do we look at every day business and reimagine it?  I call it the “the dead poets society for the digital era”.  Get on your desks everyone!

Written by robfrazzini