3D-printed structural titanium components earn their wings on 787 Dreamliner

Boeing has placed an order with Norsk Titanium for 3D-printed structural titanium components for the 787 Dreamliner built with Norsk’s proprietary Rapid Plasma Deposition process. The order builds on an announcement made on July 12, 2016 when Norsk Titanium revealed that Boeing had placed an order for titanium engineering test articles built using RPD. In […]

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.theengineer.co.uk

So you have a 3D printer in your office or home and if you’re like many you have rapid prototyping down to a science and may also have created a number of useful production parts.  I love my Flash Forge and use it extensively for all the above,  yet ABS is not quite up to par with a titanium wire being feed to a plasma front end.  The next break through must come from lay-down speed because source filament is clearly not an issue.  Don’t think I could fit one of Norsk’s printers in my office but boy would I like to try.

Written by robfrazzini