American Soldier 

So I find myself moved to share a thank you to our men and women in the armed forces. Especially those deployed in combat situations. What precipitated this feeling is really not important. What is important, is to consider right now as I am writing this, or you are reading this, somewhere in the world soldiers are on patrol, executing a mission and in harms way. Sometimes I think we forget the gravity of what they do.

In my case I’m a businessman, I also know all sorts of other people in other professions and nothing we collectively do could ever compare to the job that these deployed soldiers do. Our definition of risk is quite different from theirs, our definition of commitment is wildly different then theirs and sadly our definition of reward is different as well.

I often wonder why they do what they do, why they take on such risk? I realize for some it is a job, some thing they didn’t choose for love of country but rather as a means to make a living.  For others it is a family tradition or a sense of obligation to our country, our way of life – you and me. Regardless of the reason, at times these men and women are called on to do amazingly risky things and each and ever time they step up. I recall a line from the Toby Keith song, American Soldier, “You can bet that I stand ready when the wolf growls at the door”.
I ask if you read this, and feel moved as well, please show your respects with an action. Pause a moment and thank a passing soldier for their service. If you see them at your local Starbucks or whatever coffee shop you fancy, buy them a cup. Take a moment and just talk to them – share the most valuable thing we all have – our time. Despite the term oil in the world and in our own country, most of these men and women are the embodiment of honor and courage, and they are due our humble gratitude.

Written by robfrazzini