Not Totally About BREXIT


It’s been less than 3 days since the BREXIT vote and to watch the results has been spectacular, predictable and disappointing all at the same time. News flash, the experts were right again (well not really, they claimed the vote would not pass), the financial markets were extremely turbulent due to the vote and likely will remain this way for the next few weeks due to the exit. Wow that some insight isn’t it? A major change takes place in the world and stocks move? Really? Of course there is going to be turbulence but that is predictable and expected so why is this such a revelation to the experts?

To compound matters the dust hasn’t even settled yet the the politicians that objected to this move are already threatening to nullify the vote, or figure out a way to side step the decision. Calling it unfair, unreasonable, destabilizing, and just not right. Let’s have another vote they say, let us use parliamentary procedure, or simply let the MP’s decide, there are online petitions as well.  Thank God we have these masters watching over the mere sheep, dolts and I guess the pensioners (aka old people) who clearly can’t think for themselves or make a good decision.

Speaking of age, I noted the polls showing the young people weren’t for this in a majority. Democracy at this point doesn’t come with age weighted voting. Here is another concept, the younger generation isn’t  always right, if there is truly such a belief in the wisdom of our young  then I suggest we put age limits on politicians and leaders of business – perhaps no one over the age of 29 should be allowed?  That’s absurd of course, the young dissenters I am sure feel strongly based on their experiences, but they are merely serving as a useful tool for the media, the politicians and elites. This groups use the young, the old, the poor and the rich whenever they are helpful to the agenda they are pushing. Please, we are so much smarter than this to simply fall for the ruse over and over again.

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. A vote was held, a decision taken, just because it isn’t the one the politicians or the losing party wanted doesn’t mean they disregard it or have a do over – or does it?

I am so tired of the political class and the elites that think they were put on earth to have dominion over us. Many don’t do this with malice or ill intent, they actually do it out of compassion, honestly believing that they with their education, experience and wisdom simply make better decisions then you and me ever could. They really believe they are simply helping us.

I realize BREXIT is a powerful decision, I also realize that many don’t agree with the decision. Sad to say but that is the system of government you have. If you don’t want freedom of choice then I suggest you change your government, perhaps democracy or a representative republic isn’t the best option for those that wish to throw out decisions of the people because they don’t agree with them.  There are other governmental options (in truth they are slowly being implemented across the globe, silently, little by little). If you want total control then have the courage to stand up and say that you will let the people make their own decisions  unless you don’t agree with it. Or maybe they should only be allowed to make certain decisions with the larger more complicated open being handled by the politicians.  Go ahead, speak your true voice and see how  the people respond.

Regardless of my frustration with what I am seeing unfold in the media, or what side you are on – I and many others love the people of the UK. You were a great people yesterday, you will be a great people tomorrow – you are leaders, and fiercely independent. Thank you, all of you, the citizens of the UK. for having the courage to enter into the fray.


Written by robfrazzini